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Hi! I'm Nila

SRA & BBC Award for Best Student Radio Presenter 2021 
Board Member at Tending the Garden
Diana Award 2022 Recipient
Winner of Spotify New Wave
URN Gold: Best Show
SRA Silver award: Best Newcomer
URN Silver: Best Social Media
URN Gold: Best Culture Interview
Winner of the Frontline 50 Award 2022


Hi, my name is Nila Varman, i'm a 21 year old student, founder and host of The Nila Extract, and the educational platform of the same name. 

Growing up, I quickly began to notice there was never anyone on TV, in movies, or even in books/magazines, who looked like me. Those who did, never played the main character, just a stereotypical personality, the root of an ongoing joke. Over the years, I fought personal battles and found myself striving to educate myself on pressing issues about race, mental health, body image, LGBTQIA+, and normalising bodies of all shapes and shades.


There are innumerable societal issues not spoken about as much as they should be, instead relegated to taboo. I’ve always been passionate about amplifying the voices of minority communities, including my own, and I wanted to start having those emotional, raw, and uncomfortable conversations, so I began my radio show, The Nila Extract.  

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