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The Nila Extract
"Nila has a warm and informative style of presentation around societal issues. This brings listeners into the conversation around some very distinct and well research content"

- BBC, SRA, Global Judge Panel
"What a debut! Nila's work is genuinely phenomenally engaging presence on-air and demonstrates strong intellectual underpinning to her easy-going presentation style. She is relevant and of the moment. I would hire Nila in a heartbeat. She has fantastic potential"

- BBC, SRA, Global Judge Panel

Every Week on KCL Radio, Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts and all major podcast streaming sites

Tune in to The Nila Extract, the award-winning radio show founded and hosted by your favourite Tamil gal, Nila Varman, whose show strives to amplify the voices of various communities, including her own, by having emotional, raw and uncomfortable conversations to dispel various socially pressing issues that have often been relegated to taboo.


She does this by having these conversations with herself or with inspirational activists, advocates and celebrities from all walks of life, thus she showcases the untold stories of underrepresented and marginalised communities, alongside music and fun segments. Nila is also the winner of the SRA, BBC and Global Best Student Radio Presenter 2021, and has also received multiple accolades on her educational platform of the same name including a place in the top 10 on Spotify's New Wave.

"Nila has such an incredible voice, and I love the way she uses it in such a dynamic way. She knows when to up the energy with wit and when to take it down a notch when talking about serious topics.

Her honesty is and storytelling ability is commendable. Sharing your personal experiences is a real strength and she has done this in an authentic way. A brilliant, strong radtio show- I'm very impressed. She is a natural. I can imagine her having a very successful future in radio" 

- BBC, SRA, Global Judge Panel
"She has a very natural style of presenting. Nila is paving the way! She wouldn't sound out of place on a national station, she sounds confident, educational, whilst putting the listener at ease with the topic of discussion and being able to inject humour into parts of the show"

- BBC, SRA, Global Judge Panel
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