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The Representation of Women in Marketing

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Imogen Pickton


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I'm twenty years old, and after being self-employed and navigating the labyrinth that is the marketing world, I’ve found that there isn’t enough positive female representation in the industry for young women like me!

Currently, only a small percentage of the UK’s top 100 company CEOs are female, and from my LinkedIn experience, the way business women are treated online as compared to men, is vile. For young women looking to get into marketing, the idea that they can be judged and pushed aside so quickly without a second thought can be incredibly off-putting.

"...the representation in the industry is still heavily male-dominated"

I’ve connected with and spoken to countless women who will undoubtedly play a huge role in the industry in the years to come. I’m also an account manager at Veritas Digital Marketing, an agency founded and run by incredible women. I’m surrounded by role models who I can learn from and look up to, but the representation in the industry is still heavily male-dominated. It’s time to change this narrative!

We can inspire the next generation of female leaders within the marketing industry by showing how far perseverance, hard work, and staying true to your values, can take you. But how can YOU make a difference?

  1. Don't be afraid to talk about it! If you see something misogynistic happening in the industry, CALL. IT. OUT! If you see an uneven statistic that shocks you, share it.

  2. Support the next generation of fierce female leaders. Support young women who are trying to make it in marketing, offer advice and celebrate them. They deserve it. You don’t need to know everything to play a key part in someone’s journey to success.

  3. Champion education. Look at what you have to offer, perhaps you could mentor someone or offer up a free masterclass. You could provide someone with the skills and knowledge they need to learn and grow.

"...let’s make it a point to support and empower each other..."

This year, let’s make it a point to support and empower each other; even just taking a few small steps can make a huge difference! Finding your way in a career path can be challenging, but we have the chance to make the marketing industry a better and more productive place for the next generation of women to thrive and grow.

Imogen Pickton

Edited by Daniel Williams (he/him)


Imogen, is a freelance social media marketer & Account Manager at Veritas Digital Marketing. She loves sharing my marketing journey online as well as encouraging up and coming marketers!

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